Friday, March 28, 2008

March 28, 2008

Hi everyone - just thought we'd say hello and post a new picture of Charlie playing in the garden today... between the high winds, hail and heavy rain! He was desperate to go for a bike ride today, so we managed to whizz quickly around the block before coming home for a quick play on the swing in the garden before the wind became too strong! We can't wait for it to feel a bit more like spring - this cold, wet weather isn't conducive to messing around outdoors!
Charlie's getting very excited at the prospect of going to Eurodisney in the not-too-distant future, whereas we're just hoping the weather improves a bit before we go. I was hoping when we booked the holiday that Charlie might be able to wear shorts and t-shirts, but I think it's more likely to be woolly jumpers and waterproofs! Oh well!
I can't remember if I mentioned in a previous post that Pete bought a Wii with some of the money he received for his award at work - but Charlie is very into the Wii now - particularly the Disney Cars game (well, what else!?) and he's really surprised us at how well he can play it.
Anyway, one of his favourite games on the disc is a Monster Truck race, where he gets to race as Lightning McQueen on an enormous chassis with massive tyres. Consequently, Monster Trucks have become Charlie's latest favourite things. So when he caught the tail-end of a commercial for the Monster Trucks Show at the Cardiff Millennium Stadium... well, you've never seen excitement like it! So if all goes according to plan, we're hoping to take Charlie along to watch the Monster Trucks in June - although now he wants to know if we can buy one while we're there. I can just imagine the looks we'd get driving around the streets of Cardiff in a monster truck. Hmmm.
Charlie's blog has had more than 4,000 visitors now - people are still checking in regularly from all over the place, and March has been the busiest month to date, with more than 450 visitors so far. He loves to look at the little map with all the dots on it showing where the visitors have come from - although he keeps asking why he hasn't had any visits from Africa or Russia yet! I don't know why those two places hold such fascination for him though! As always, please feel free to leave him a message if you'd like to.

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Abi said...

Hi Alison,

So nice to read how well Charlie is doing! Loved the little video clips!..well done Charlie winning the bunny hope race, looks like you have a winning competetive streak that will take you far!
I have Charlie's Blog next to Corwin's on 'My Favourites' and have to take a quick peak when I check on Corwin's!
Hope he has enjoyed some sunshine today!

Abi x