Thursday, April 03, 2008

April 3, 2008

Hellooooo! Well, we've had a busy week this week, and we're off to Eurodisney pretty soon, but Charlie's come down with a nasty sickness bug. He was awake a lot last night throwing up, and he's been sick again today.
In himself he's fairly ok, albeit a bit lethargic, although that could be related as much to the 2-3 hours sleep he lost last night as well as the actual bug.
I hate it when he's ill - we're so used to dealing with the big, heart-related stuff, but the little day-to-day bugs and viruses are really horrible. I hate that he has to waste any more time than he absolutely has to being ill!
So we're really hoping that he's through the worst of it now - he hasn't been sick since lunchtime today - and also that neither Pete nor I come down with it. The idea of going on a bumpy ferry and then trawling around Eurodisney (never mind going on the rides!) while feeling rotten is not conducive to a good holiday experience!
Anyway, we're hoping for a slightly better night tonight - ie one which doesn't involve me sleeping on the floor of Charlie's room, ready to spring into action with a bucket in my hand!
Let's hope he bounces back soon, so he can really enjoy his holiday!

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Lindsey said...

Hiya Ali I've only just read this but I know you made it to Eurodisney because of our texts. Thomas had the sickness bug 2 wks ago, it was horrible. He didn't really eat anything for about 5 days. I hate it when he's poorly. We filmed the Antenatal DVD that week for LHM so it's a shame as I'm sure you'll be able to tell he's not 100%. Anyway I'm sure you had a ball at Disney. Tell us all the news when you can. Linz XXX