Friday, May 30, 2008

May 30, 2008

Hiya - just a quick post to let you know that Charlie managed pretty well with his holter monitor. He wasn't particularly keen to have the stickers put on his chest, but let the technician do it anyway. He seems to be aware of the monitor the whole time he's wearing it, so psychologically I think it makes him feel a bit under the weather - like something's not quite right. Fortunately though, Nanny and Grandpa came for the day yesterday which made him very happy, and also helped to distract him a bit.

We've just taken the stickers off now, and he was very brave - he didn't really want them taken off, but was surprised that it didn't hurt him too much. Now he just wants me to get rid of the sticky circles on his chest! Hmmm - don't really think nail polish remover is a good option - I'll just have to scrub it off!
All being well, we've got another three months until his next 24-hour tape - hurrah!

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