Thursday, June 05, 2008

June 5, 2008

Hi everyone - I'll be writing a proper post in the next day or so because we had a very busy weekend, with a trip to an aquarium and a big theme park, but I don't have time to put it together just now!
I just wanted to share a really funny Charlie moment... I so wish I'd started writing them all down when he started to talk, because it's true, you do forget the funny things they come out with.
Anyway, we were at Nanny and Grandpa's this evening, and Charlie and Nanny were sitting on the floor playing with letter puzzles - the first piece has a picture on it and then the other pieces have letters, so you can spell the word to match the picture.
Charlie had stormed his way through cat, dog, sun, tree, tap and hat, before picking up a picture of a duck.
As we watched, he sifted through all the letter pieces, trying to find the initial letter - swooping on the letter 'M' and slotting it onto the picture of the duck.
'That's not right', said Nanny, 'What does the picture begin with?'
Speaking very slowly, quite clearly thinking that Nanny and I were a little on the dim side, Charlie answered 'It starts with 'M', Nanny. M-A-L-L-A-R-D.'
What can you say to that!!
Back soon with a proper post.

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