Thursday, July 24, 2008

July 24, 2008

It seems that summer has finally arrived, although for how long I don't know! The last couple of days it's been sunny and hot, and Charlie's really enjoying his summer holiday.
We've had a fairly lazy start to the holiday - went to see Wall.E last weekend, which was a huge hit with Charlie. He didn't move for the whole film - just sat glued to the screen with his popcorn in one hand and his icy slush drink in the other.
We went to see Nanny and Grandpa on Tuesday, and Charlie had a ball helping Grandpa in the garden and then taking all the rubbish to the tip.
Today's been another fairly quiet day - we just pottered around the house this morning, then we went for a walk around the block - or rather I walked and Charlie rode his bike. It did make me smile watching him on his bike... it usually does! But today he looked so grown-up - his bike's looking a little on the small side now, and instead of riding along by my side, hoping for the occasional push, he was off way ahead, legs pumping like pistons. He's also got the hang of braking now, so he'd cycle off until I shouted for him to stop, and then he'd wait for me to catch up. Simple stuff, but it makes me very happy to see it!
Not much more news really at the moment. Charlie's angling for another cinema trip this weekend to see Kung Fu Panda (well, I suppose it gives me another couple of hours peace eating popcorn!) and then he's going to a little holiday club in the village next week with lots of his friends. It's only two hours every morning from Monday-Friday for a week, but he's quite looking forward to it. It's in a local church hall, and the kids play games and do craft stuff. He'll enjoy playing with his pals, and it gives me half a chance to get the house tidy!
Can't believe the first week of the holidays has almost gone already. Time's really flying by. It won't seem like five minutes until we're sending him off to school!
I'm attaching a pic of Charlie on his bike this morning.

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