Tuesday, August 05, 2008

August 5, 2008

Hi everyone. Sorry we haven't posted in a little while - life has been a bit crazy just lately.
Charlie is fine and dandy, and full of beans as always. We measured him the other day, and he's grown an inch since the end of May. He really looks so tall and grown up now. Hard to believe we're into the third week of the summer holidays already - he'll be off to school in no time.
He really enjoyed going to holiday club last week, and came home with lots of craft work, and won some nice prizes. He's a bit peeved though because it only runs for one week a year!
He's been drawing pictures of rainbows all day today, because he's just learned the order in which the colours come, so I have lots of multi-coloured artwork all over the dining table.
His other latest favourite thing is the story and the music of Les Miserables! (Yes, I know he's only four!) I've had a bit of a 'thing' for the musical since I was eight or nine, and Pete and I have seen it a couple of times in London, so maybe it's hereditary?!
I have a couple of my favourite tracks on a CD I've got in the car, and Charlie's been singing along with them for the past few weeks, and then started asking who was singing the songs, and what they were all about. He dug out the soundtrack from the back of the hi-fi cabinet, and I found him twiddling with the fast-forward button this morning... 'I'm just trying to find the barricade bit, Mum'.
The story is really quite complex and interwoven, but Charlie, much to my amazement, has got the whole thing sussed out. On our way home from Nanny and Grandpa's the other day, Charlie was even grilling me all about the French Revolution (which I have to admit, I'm pretty fuzzy on!) and why the rich people couldn't just share all their money with the poor people, 'so they wouldn't have to steal bread and go to prison like Jean Valjean'!
I showed him my copy of the book the other day, which is almost four inches thick. He could barely pick it up, and wasn't particularly impressed after he'd flicked through it... 'There are far too many words, Mummy, and where are all the pictures?' So if anyone can find a kids' version, please let me know!
I don't have any new pics at the moment because I just picked up our camera from the repair shop. If the rain ever stops, I'll try to post a few new pics.

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