Sunday, August 17, 2008

August 17, 2008

Hi again. Sorry things have been a bit slack on the blogging front lately - as I mentioned in the last post, things have been a bit manic. It was confirmed last week that Charlie's Grandpa, my dad, has malignant melanoma. He had a mole on his back that grew very suddenly, and was admitted to hospital a couple of weeks ago to have it removed. It left him with quite a large wound on his back, so he was unable to drive for a fortnight. As I may have mentioned previously, my mum doesn't drive, and they live in a rural village with no public transport, so they have been pretty stuck. Charlie's been very pleased though, because it's meant we've seen a lot of Nanny and Grandpa!
Anyway, Dad had the results last week, and while it is definitely malignant melanoma, the surgeon was confident he managed to remove all of it during the operation, which is good. Dad has to have an MRI scan next week to check that all is well with his liver, lungs and lymph nodes. Assuming all is well, he'll be followed up every three months for the next five years. He and mum (and the rest of us!) have obviously been a bit concerned about this, so we are hoping that all goes smoothly with the MRI.
I can't believe it's only a couple of weeks now until Charlie starts school. I had so many plans of all the things we were going to do during the holidays, but time has really run away with us. Charlie and I are hoping to get to the cinema tomorrow to watch Space Chimps - I think he's turning into a bit of a film buff!
Talking of films, Charlie really made me laugh the other day... he was talking about what he wants to do when he grows up, and came out with the following: 'Well, I'm not going to be able to be anything where I might have to run fast, because of my special heart, so I can't be a policeman or a soldier; and I don't think they'll let me drive anything like a bus or a plane because of my heart, so I think I'll be a film director instead!'
I told him that was a good idea, and asked if he actually knew what a film director did... 'They decide what stories to make into films, mum, tell all the people in the film what to do, and they have that clappy-board thing. I think I'll make Wall.E Two first, and then I think I'll have a go at Doctor Who, because I want to meet the Daleks.' Enough said!
Personally, I think he just fancies banging his clapper-board left, right and centre and bossing everyone else around!
Well, if you ever need anyone to accompany you up the red carpet for your first premiere, Chas... you know where I am!
Am attaching a pic of Charlie from the other day - he was actually saying 'Not more pictures!!'

PS Charlie's blog has now had more than 5,000 visitors! How cool is that! It never ceases to amaze me when I see all the different countries his visitors have come from! Thank you for visiting... as always, feel free to leave a message for Charlie if you want to - he loves to know who has dropped by!

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