Monday, September 15, 2008

...And it's STILL only 11.15am

Morning everyone. Well, here we are - Charlie went off to school this morning at 8.55, and I don't pick him up again until 3.15.
Hmmmmm. Have already hoovered and polished my car, unloaded/reloaded the dishwasher, done a load of washing, paid a few bills, done a bit of design work for my brother-in-law, tidied and hoovered the downstairs of the house AND spoken to my Dad about his latest foray into ebay selling.... and it's STILL only 11.15am.
I guess my house is going to be very tidy now Chas is at school full-time.
I think you can safely say I'm missing having him around.
Last night he was asking me about going to school for the whole day - 'You know how it was just mornings at first, and then afternoons, and tomorrow I'm going to be at school ALL day long, Mummy? And I'm only in Reception at the moment, so how long will I be staying at school when I'm in Year One? Will I be able to come home at bedtime?'
I think he'd worked out that the longer he's been there, the longer he's been staying, so had extrapolated that by next year he'd be at school for hours and hours and hours!!
He's still loving school though, which we're so pleased about. He's really enjoying learning, and then being able to show off all the new things he knows!
But as for me, I'm wallowing in a little ocean of wistfulness and loneliness (accompanied by every cleaning product I own) and counting the hours until I go and pick my Charlie-boy up at the end of the day. Woe is me - parting is such sweet sorrow!!
By the way - Charlie's gone trotting in with his lunch bag today, because he'll be having dinner at school for the first time. I'm really nervous about this, as I explained (at length!) in my last post. So I'd really appreciate lots of speedy-eating vibes being sent in Charlie's direction at noon today in the hope that he'll be ravenously hungry by then and will scoff the lot in ten minutes flat! Will keep you posted!
Anyway... better go and clean the bathroom!

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