Tuesday, September 16, 2008

September 16, 2008

Day Two of full-time school is over - and Charlie is still loving every minute. He seems to be really enjoying having enough time to do lots of different things during the day.
He's still rocketing through the reading scheme, and came home tonight with a writing book as well. Homework is still enough of a novelty for him to be begging to do it after he's finished his tea - so tonight we've been writing letters, drawing an octopus and reading all his flashcards!
And, I'm very pleased and relieved to report that lunch at school is going ok - thank goodness. He's been taking ham, cheese, crackers, salad and yoghurt for lunch (he's not very keen on sandwiches) and has managed to eat most of it both days. (Yesterday he 'forgot' to eat his crackers, and today he 'forgot' about his cheese, but I've been shamelessly bribing him with a glow-in-the-dark Dalek Sec sticker for his sticker chart when he manages to eat everything, so fingers crossed for tomorrow!) He's even managed to eat a fruit bar at morning break, and a packet of crisps at afternoon break!! So I'm VERY relieved. Long may it last.
And, I know it's only day two, but I'm surprised by how un-tired he's been. Everyone was warning me that he'd be totally exhausted once he started full days, but so far he's been fine. He's been sleeping well at night, and we're making sure he's in bed by 7.30, but he seems to be managing with no problems.
I did wonder if he might be running around LESS than normal because the day at school is so much more structured, with more emphasis on sitting down and working. We'll have to see how he does as the week goes on, but things are looking good at the moment!
No more news for now - I promise I'll try and get some new pictures soon, but this is the problem with school uniform... all the pictures I take tend to look exactly the same! (Fingers crossed, I'll be able to post one of Chas with his Dalek sticker tomorrow!!)

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