Tuesday, September 02, 2008

September 2, 2008

Hello everyone. Well here we are... the night before 'Big School'. Tomorrow morning Charlie will be going to school for the very first time.
His uniform is laid out ready - with name tags sewn on everything! He has done the little bits of work he was given to do by his teacher - a few colouring sheets with a bit of writing on, along with a page called 'This is me...' He had to write his name, and his birthday, and then had to put a picture of himself when he was a baby. (Does this mean he's not a baby anymore?!? Waaaaaah!)
He was quite adamant that he wanted his baby picture to be one of the ones from when he was in hospital after his surgery - 'One of those where I've got that breathing pipe in my nose, Mum'. We compromised a bit - we put a big picture of a cheeky baby Charlie grinning at the camera, and a small inset picture of him when he was on ITU - which we've cropped so you can just see his head and the ventilator tubes... didn't really think chest drains and surgical wounds were appropriate for on the wall of a Reception Class!
His lunch bag is packed with breaktime snacks (he won't have lunch there for another couple of weeks because it's mornings this week, and afternoons next week) but the children are told to take plenty of 'tuck' for playtime. His book bag is hanging on the door, and his new shoes are shined and ready to go.
So we're all ready. Eek. Pass me the Kleenex, somebody!
Pics to come tomorrow, but for the time being, here are a couple of him on our weekend away.

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