Sunday, September 28, 2008

September 28, 2008

Hi everyone. Charlie's had a really lovely weekend - we went out yesterday to meet Paddington Bear (see attached pics) which he loved. There was also a chance to use a real fire-fighter's hose, so Pete and Chas had a great time knocking over lots of obstacles with the water. The picture you see here was the two of them debating with the fireman supervising the event as to whether they should soak me! (Fortunately for them, they decided the fun of the event wouldn't be worth the pain that would follow afterwards!!)
The sun has stayed out all weekend, although there is a definite autumnal nip in the air. We're just off for a ride around the block with Charlie on his bike - making the most of it before it starts to rain again!
One other thing - you'll notice in the links in the sidebar, that I've set up a Twitter page for Charlie. I'm assured that 'Twittering' is the next big thing - for the uninitiated, it means that I can send little updates from my mobile phone, which will then appear directly on Charlie's Twitter page.
For some reason, the Twitter widget to go on the blog isn't working, so you'll have to go directly to the Twitter page via the link (the web address is
I probably won't be using Twitter that much at the moment - there's not much happens in our life that can't wait until I'm next at the computer... but I figure it could be EXTREMELY useful when Charlie's in hospital for his next op, to keep everyone up to date with what's happening - even when I can't get to the computer.
That's all for now - I'm being summoned loudly by a small boy wearing a cycle helmet!

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