Friday, October 03, 2008

October 3, 2008

Hi everyone. This is just a quick post to let you know that we've got the date for Charlie's next outpatient appointment here in Cardiff. It's on November 3. It's worked out rather well, because we didn't really want Charlie to miss any school for the appointment. Although half-term week was fully booked, Chas has a teacher training day on the 3rd, so we've been able to slot the appointment in then instead. I'll let you know how we get on!
He's on very good form at the moment, and is growing like mad - he's put on a pound since he started school, which is fab, and leaves him hovering nicely around the 75th centile on the growth charts.
He's gone to school today out of uniform, because it's Jeans for Genes day. He was really pleased about this for two reasons... one, he gets to wear his jeans to school! and two, the money he's paying for the privilege is going to help doctors researching genetic conditions, so, as he was telling me in the car this morning, 'they can work out how to stop babies like Will having to go to Heaven'.
I can't remember if I've mentioned this before, but there's a blog I read about an American family living in Mexico, who are helping the people living in the area. They are hoping to be able to deliver shoeboxes full of Christmas goodies to the children there - who are very poor, and have very little.
Anyway, Charlie was peering over my shoulder the other day as I was reading the blog, and was asking what it was all about. After I'd explained, he disappeared, and then reappeared with the box off his new school shoes - and he was a man on a mission! We've been buying bits and pieces and have finally filled the box with toys, toiletries and various other odds and ends that Charlie thought the Mexican children would like. (I talked him out of sending a Dalek - we didn't know if Dr Who had penetrated as far as Mexico yet!) He's also sent a picture of himself along with a little note (in VERY dodgy Spanish! - we had to use an online translator, so I hope it makes sense when they read it!) saying Happy Christmas (or should I say, Feliz Navidad!)
It's been lovely watching him being so happy at the prospect of giving something to someone who has nothing... I think he's developing quite a social conscience! He was telling me the other day that now on Christmas morning when he's opening his presents, he won't have to feel sad because there's a little boy or girl in Mexico with no presents... instead he'll be able to think of someone opening his carefully concocted box of goodies, and that he'll be happy AND they'll be happy too!
The lady who writes the blog has said that she will post as many pictures as possible of the local children opening the boxes, so Charlie has his fingers crossed that he might see someone opening his shoebox!
Anyway, I posted the box off this morning - it's gone by surface mail, so should take about 56 days to get there, so even with a bit of a delay, it should still be there in time for Father Christmas!
We're starting to sort out the plans for Charlie's birthday party now - I'm still trying to figure out the best way to make a Dalek cake! We've ordered all the plates and table covers etc, and we're just trying to trim down the guest list - we're pushing 40 just with his school friends, and I think the maximum he's allowed is 30, so we have a challenge ahead of us!
I can't believe he's nearly five. He's really getting so grown up now - it's scary really, how time is flying by. I haven't got any recent pics at the moment, so just for fun, here's one of Charlie when he was about four weeks old - two weeks after we came home from hospital after his first surgery. I only recently realised that many of you have never seen him when he was little, because I only started this blog a couple of years ago - so here's my baby boy! It's amazing to see how far he's come!

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