Sunday, September 07, 2008

September 7, 2008

Well, it's Will's birthday on Tuesday - hard to believe our eldest boy would have been six. Makes me feel very grown-up, being the parent of an almost-six-year-old.
It'll be strange this year, because we've always gone out somewhere as a family to celebrate Will's birthday, but Charlie will be at school on Tuesday afternoon, so we've had to change our plans slightly.
Charlie chose a Wall.E cake for Will, and we shared some, as always, with Nanny and Grandpa. We've kept some for Tuesday too - no doubt Charlie will want to blow out some candles on Will's behalf!
Today we went out for a special meal to celebrate Will's birthday, at a lovely restaurant by a big old mill wheel. Charlie loved pottering around on the bridge over the pond, and watching all the water gushing away - I'm attaching a couple of pics.
Pete has the day off work on Tuesday, so we're going to take some flowers up for Will in the morning, and Charlie's asked for a balloon with the number six on, so he can let go of it and 'it can float all the way up to Heaven'.
Charlie will be at school in the afternoon, so Pete and I are planning a nice cup of coffee and a cake at the garden centre, to celebrate the first time we became parents and the first - and last - time we met Will.
It's always a bit strange around Will's birthday - we're even more conscious of his absence than we are normally, and more aware that we should have two boys running around causing mayhem, not just one.
In reality though, if Will had been able to stay with us, we probably wouldn't have had Charlie when we did, but it doesn't stop us imagining what it would have been like, and how much fun Charlie would have had with his big brother.
Charlie is on good form at the moment, and can't wait to get back to school tomorrow - he's been learning his spellings all weekend and is all set for his next lot now!
He brought home a calendar of school events on Friday, and my worst nightmare is already coming true... those of you who read this blog regularly will know that I quail at the idea of creating fancy dress costumes, and in the next month I have to send him to school dressed as his favourite book/film character (and I've already told him there's no way he's going as a Dalek) and then he has to go in dressed as his favourite singer. He's already said he wants to go as Inspector Javert from Les Miserables... although I imagine his teacher will be expecting him to go as someone from High School Musical (and that would be a much easier costume to put together!)
Here's a picture of him with his remote controlled Dalek - he thinks it's very funny to send it silently around the corner and have it flash its lights and shout 'Exterminate' to make everyone jump!


Anonymous said...

Hello Charlie and family! greetings from Sweden :O). We just had to see how smart Charlie looks going to school, so he really does!
Our James (my husband from England) is turning 1 year soon (HLHS) and it is lovely to see such a "big boy" as Charlie with a special heart starting school :O). If you want to see James website(which we are a bit behind with hhrrm) it is:

Lots of love from James, Malin & the rest of the family xxx

Abi said...

Sending Birthday 'blowy' kisses up to Will.
Happy Birthday Sweetheart

Abi and Corwin x