Friday, October 10, 2008

October 10, 2008

Well, it was Harvest Festival day at school today - we duly took a pile of produce in with us this morning, and then went and bought it back at inflated prices after school! The things we do for our kids, eh!
Parents didn't get to go to the Harvest Festival because the school hall isn't big enough for all the kids and all the parents (they have to do multiple performances of the Christmas shows, and they are strictly ticketed!) but Charlie told us all about it. He and three other infants were chosen to put their things on the harvest table while each singing a verse of a song about what they were giving. It's a shame I couldn't go to see it, but he sang his verse of the song for me when he got home. He was very proud of himself. Here's a video of him singing it for you! (Yes, yes, I know he'll hate me for posting it when he's 18, but that's what mums are for! - enjoy!)

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