Saturday, November 29, 2008

November 29, 2008

Morning everybody! Well yesterday was the school Christmas fayre and Charlie had his first meeting this year with the big bearded man in the red outfit!
The only hitch in the proceedings was that by the time I had collected Charlie from his classroom and brought him back to the main hall, every single one of the cakes and cookies we'd made had been sold! (In less than five minutes!)
Charlie was a bit miffed that he hadn't been able to have one, but as far as I'm concerned, I'd rather they'd all have sold, than have them left on the table at the end!
Then after school, we headed into Cardiff to the Winter Wonderland, for Charlie's first ice-skating experience! It was a cold night, but dry, and he was well wrapped up.
He thoroughly enjoyed himself - although he had a slightly easier time of it than Pete and me, because Pete ended up skating backwards around the edge of the rink, holding Charlie's hands, while I had to skate around behind Chas, with one knee propping him up from the back, and both hands clamped to the back of his snowsuit! So if the picture looks like we're hanging onto Charlie for dear life... that's because we were! If I remember rightly, when the lady asked him to shout 'Cheese' for the photo, he shouted 'Skates!' instead.
He had such a lovely evening - he had a ride on an enormous ferris wheel and a Rudolf the Reindeer ride, which had artificial snow blowing everywhere as he went round!
Then to finish the evening in style, he found a foot-long chewy sweet that matched his hat!
I think we're officially into the festive season, as far as Charlie's concerned!

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