Wednesday, December 03, 2008

December 3, 2008

Hi everybody. Well, the wintry weather is well and truly here - it was below zero as I dropped Charlie off at school this morning.
Charlie's been a bit poorly this week - a really heavy cold, which is making him feel rotten, plus it's making him a bit sick too. His mouth is chapped and he's been looking a bit pale and washed out too - poor little fellow. I kept him home from school on Monday, but when I went to tell his teacher that he wouldn't be in, she said I could drive him up to the garden centre so he could still go with all his friends to choose the school Christmas tree, and then go back home afterwards which was really kind.
On top of everything else, he's been to the hospital today to have his holter monitor put on. As I've said before, it doesn't hurt him, but it's a bit uncomfortable and he's usually a bit miserable when he has to wear one. He has been very good with it today though. I have to go up to school after lunchtime tomorrow to take it off him though, so I can drop it back in at the hospital. We're really hoping that there's nothing terrible going on inside his chest, so hopefully the results will be ok.
He's still getting into the Christmas spirit though, and is thoroughly enjoying Advent so far. He's counting the days until Friday when it's his first performance of his Christmas Show, and then the next day we're off to London to see the Lion King. He's been watching the DVD this week in anticipation! We're also going to go to the Natural History Museum the next day for a look at all the dinosaurs! Watch this space for pictures!

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