Thursday, December 18, 2008

December 18, 2008

Hi again. Well, I'm pleased to report that Charlie finally went back to school yesterday. It turns out loads of the children have been off sick, because there are some really nasty bugs going round. Chas still isn't 100% - he's still got a really runny nose and a bit of a cough, and his nose has been bleeding again today, but nothing major. I think it's a vicious circle really - until he gets rid of the cough and snot, his nose won't get a chance to heal properly.
However, in spite of still being a bit under the weather, he enjoyed being back at school with his friends, and came home with a bookbag full of Christmas cards. (I honestly think that the majority of our Christmas cards this year are Charlie's!)
He also came home with a present - apparently Father Christmas made an appearance at the school disco on Monday with presents for everybody, and Charlie's teacher asked the big man for a present for poorly Charlie too, even though he wasn't there, which was kind.
This afternoon I went up to school for the Christmas Craft Fayre, and came home laden down with all the things he'd made - a snowman, a glittery pinecone decoration, a candle and sparkly holder, and a book all about Charlie with a calendar attached!
Tomorrow is the last day of term and Chas is going up to the local church (the one where Will is buried) with the rest of the school for a carol service. He and his little friend, Mia, have been chosen to do a little reading in the church, which is really lovely. (He's very proud of himself for learning the words, and had to ring Nanny this afternoon just to recite it to her and Grandpa!)
Unfortunately the carol service is just for the kids - no parents invited - so I don't get to watch, but his teacher told me today that she's all set up with her camera to take some pictures for me! It's lovely that they seem to appreciate just how important all these things are to us - that every time Charlie does something new, even if it's only something small, it's another milestone to us... one we thought we may never have.
After the carol service it's Christmas lunch at school, and I'm going up to help out with a few other mums. I think Chas is quite excited about having his mum there to help out, as well as having school dinners for the first time, instead of sandwiches, but we'll see how he gets on with the sprouts! (The school is providing all the helper-mums with a Christmas dinner afterwards.... hmmmm. School Christmas Dinners. Maybe not.)
Charlie has a stack of presents to take in for all the people at school who help him - there's Mr Thomas, the caretaker, who lets us park in the carpark every day so Chas doesn't have to walk too far in the cold, and Shirley and Carol, the two dinnerladies who keep a special eye on him to make sure he's eating his lunch ok, and who keep him company if his friends have finished their lunches before him and gone out to play. He's also got presents for all three of his teachers, and he's very excited at the prospect of playing Santa!
Pete finishes work tomorrow too, so I guess it'll really start feeling like Christmas! Ho, Ho, Ho! Back soon with festive photos, I promise!


Cantique755 said...

I have been following your blog for some time, coming from Baby Leino, and would like to communicate with you via e-mail. Would you be willing to share your address with me? I am a 56 year old mother of 5, grandmother of 5, who loves music, reading, and anything British! I live in NJ, USA, and have very much enjoyed reading about Charlie and his adventures. Hope to hear from you.

kay said...

Really pleased to read Charlie is back on form, hope you all have a great time next week, Kay Simon Josh and angel Kaitlynxxxx