Sunday, December 21, 2008

December 21, 2008

Only four more days until Christmas! (That's what Charlie told us the second he woke up this morning!)
We're all feeling pretty festive now - we went and watched The Santa Clause 3 yesterday (the cinema was showing old Christmassy films for a bargain price!) and we've got a really busy day ahead of us today. This morning we're meeting Father Christmas for breakfast at the local garden centre, then this afternoon it's the children's party with Pete's work in the centre of Cardiff. It sounds like it should be lots of fun with face-painting, crazy Christmas art, balloon modelling, music, and not to mention a visit from the big man in red.
Once we're done there, we'll be heading over to meet Nanny and Grandpa, because we're off to the carol service at their church - Charlie's very pleased because Grandpa has wangled 'Away in a Manger' onto the list of carols especially for Charlie! I don't know about the voice of an angel, but our Chas certainly has a cheerful-sounding bellow!
We're almost finished with all the shopping now, although we've yet to buy any Christmas food, so we're going to hit the supermarket early on Tuesday. It'll be total mayhem, no doubt, but I don't think Chas (or Pete) would be very happy with beans on toast for Christmas dinner!
Back soon with more festive updates!

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Anonymous said...

Happy Christmas Turner family!!
I am glad Charlie is feeling better now, James has had bugs as well, thankfully nothing alarming with James either. Good luck with the grocery shopping it is mayhem in traffic as it is not during Holidays, blimey I dont want to even imagine the hours it takes in traffic jams :O). I hope you have a wonderful Christmas, Malin & James, Sweden