Monday, January 12, 2009

January 12, 2009

Hi everybody - this is just a quick post, because I've suddenly had a panic that my latest updates aren't showing when people click on their links to Charlie's blog.
Several of the blogs that I read regularly weren't showing any updates after the year changed, but for some reason it seems that the links I had in my 'favourites' file (which have always worked fine up to now) were only bringing up their last posts of 2008, not those from the new year, and I've had to replace the addresses in 'favourites' to correct the problem.
So I'm really hoping that isn't happening when people are trying to access Charlie's blog. We shall see, I guess, if the readership starts dropping off when people aren't seeing any updates! (Obviously if people aren't getting the updates they won't know to tell me about it, so please feel free to leave a comment to let me know if your 'favourites' link is working ok so I can stop worrying about Charlie's blog friends thinking we've vanished into the ether!)
Not much news really, other than Charlie came home from school on Friday adamant that he wants to have school dinners from now on instead of sandwiches. He said he's been watching what his friends have been eating and thinks it looks nice. He also reckoned he might be able to eat a cooked lunch quicker than his sandwiches.
This was a pretty momentous occasion really, because as those of you who read regularly know, eating is a bit of an issue for Charlie, in that he eats VERY slowly, never seems to get hungry, and isn't particularly interested in trying new foods. (This last one is doubtless our fault, because when every calorie is vital, we've been more inclined to give him food we know he will eat, rather than try him with new things that he may not.)
The main problem with school dinners is that we won't know what he has eaten during the day, because when he has packed lunches he brings his leftovers home with him.
However, his teachers have been, as always, very supportive, and are going to keep an eye on how things are going. We've said he can try dinners for a week and we'll see how he gets on.
Now I just have to remember to have £1.60 (exact money only!!) ready every day for him to buy his lunch.
Fingers crossed that we get a good report when I pick him up this afternoon, and that his decision to choose/eat his own lunch might mean we've turned a bit of a corner with his eating.

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