Wednesday, January 14, 2009

January 14, 2009

Well, school lunches seem to be going pretty well so far! Charlie had roast dinner today, and ate all of his meat and vegetables (including green beans which he hasn't had before!) most of his potatoes, and all of the cookie he was given for pudding! Hurrah.
I have to admit, today was always going to be a good day for him, because roast dinner is one of his favourites, but he's been pretty good at trying new things so far this week, which he's normally not very good at.
He's not particularly keen on some of the desserts at school (Monday's chocolate sponge and custard combines three things that he really doesn't like - chocolate, a spongy, claggy texture and custard!), but he's giving all of them a try and has found that he quite likes apple crumble (albeit without custard!)
We're really proud of him, because he's making such a big effort, and he's taking us by surprise with how well he's doing!
Will keep you posted!
PS I've just worked out another feature on Twitter (in the sidebar!) called Twitpic, so I can send photos from my phone to Charlie's Twitter page, which then appear as a link in my Twitter column for you to click on. The pic there now is just a random one of Charlie in his Batman costume that I used to test if it worked or not! I can't work out how to put text on as well as the picture, so in future I'll have to send explanations of the pictures as a separate text (or 'Tweet' as they're known on Twitter!). However did we manage before blogs and Twitter, I ask myself!

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