Friday, January 30, 2009

January 30, 2009

Hi everybody - this is just a quick post because I must go and put Charlie to bed!
He's had a great week this week - still thoroughly enjoying his school dinners, which is fab news! Tonight was the night that his friend Sam came for tea - and much fun was had by all! Both boys behaved really well, and they had a great time playing and making Spiderman cakes. Sam's mum said Charlie can go there for tea soon, so he's very excited about that too!
There's not much more news really at the moment - we're just plodding along merrily - although Charlie's really looking forward to his friend Thomas's party this weekend.
Having said that, the weathermen are (again!) forecasting freezing weather and snow for this weekend and the beginning of next week, so maybe we'll get snowed in up in Warwickshire!
The only other bit of news is that Charlie's got a school trip coming up in a couple of weeks, to the local Wetlands Bird Sanctuary, as the kids are studying birds this term. I'm going along as well as a 'helper', but it means I'll be able to keep an eye on Charlie and make sure he doesn't get too cold and puffed out.
Anyway, I'd better fly - it's nearly half past seven, so Charlie's already late for bed! Here's a picture of him from earlier, when he was looking for all the scary animals in one of his sea creature books. You can tell from his smile that he's just found a shark!!

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Abi said...

Have a lovely time at the birthday party Charlie, please pass on a big happy birthday to Thomas from Corwin and I.

abi x