Sunday, January 25, 2009

January 25, 2009

Hi everybody - hope you're all having a nice weekend! We're having a nice time - we went to the cinema yesterday morning - they were playing Igor on the cheap/early kids' showing, which Charlie fancied seeing when it was first out, but we missed. So we had a fab time for the bargain price of £1 each!
Charlie really enjoyed the film (and the big bag of popcorn!) - he sits so brilliantly through them, and it really makes us smile to hear him laughing at all the funny parts!
We had some things to drop in at Nanny and Grandpa's so we popped in there and Charlie had his dinner with them, which was a nice treat for him. He ate his roast chicken nicely, and then scoffed an eccles cake... yet another new/high calorie favourite for him! Mum and I watched him eating it and could hardly believe how well he did. He's normally been pretty resistant to trying new foods, so it seems that school lunches - although not doing much for the slow speed at which he eats - are certainly improving the range of foods he likes!
Nanny and Grandpa bought Chas a special present for doing so well with his dinners - a really smart Cyberman T-shirt, which he's thrilled to bits with! He's got it on today (see pic) - and I think I'm going to have a job wrestling it off him at bedtime!
Health-wise, Chas is managing the cold weather really well. He's got yet another snotty cold, which is a pain because it makes eating even more difficult for him when he can't breathe through his nose, but other than looking a bit wishy-washy and heavy-eyed, he's coping fine. Winter is really a difficult time for children like Charlie, so it's nice to know that we've probably only got another 4-6 weeks of wintry weather, and then the spring should be on its way. We're looking forward to the day when he can venture out of the house without a million layers on!
We finally got some batteries for the new dalek game we bought Charlie for Christmas (it needed three button cell batteries - 'not included' of course - and who has them lying around in a drawer?!) So we've spent a happy couple of hours this afternoon playing glorified snakes and ladders, being chased around the board by a small dalek shouting 'Exterminate'. Needless to say, Charlie loved every minute!
Pete's back up in Halifax this week - it's a four-hour drive, so it's a bit of a slog for him - although in the current economic climate we're just pleased he's still in a job. There is talk that the head office might move to London, which is still a two-hour drive away, but would be a much easier commute for him on the two days he's away (plus he could leave at 6.30am instead of 4.30am which would be nice!)
Not much more news at the moment - we're off to Warwickshire next weekend for Charlie's friend Thomas's birthday party. He'll be three and he has a very similar heart to Charlie's, except he's missing the right side of his heart, not the left. It's always good to catch up with Charlie's heart mates (and for me to have a chat with their mums!) so we're looking forward to it. Charlie's the oldest one in our little circle of friends, so I think it's quite encouraging for the other parents to see him grow. I know Pete and I draw real inspiration from the older kids we've met.
According to Charlie, they're studying China/Chinese New Year at school next week, and I think they'll be sampling some Chinese food too, which he's looking forward to... he's a big fan of noodles!
That's all for now folks! Enjoy the rest of the weekend!
PS I've just noticed that our 'Clustermap' (the little map in the sidebar with the red dots that show where our visitors have come from) will be archived in the next week or so. This means that all the little red dots will disappear, and this year's map will be archived and a new one will start up for the next 12 months. The reason they do this is because blogs with millions of visitors would just end up with a big red blob all over the map and you wouldn't be able to see where readers had come from. So make sure you keep visiting, because Charlie will be very miffed that all his red dots have disappeared! For anyone who's interested, here's a list of all the countries from which we've had visitors over the past 12 months... amazing, isn't it!

United States (US)
United Kingdom (GB)
Canada (CA)
Australia (AU)
New Zealand (NZ)
Sweden (SE)
Italy (IT)
India (IN)
Ireland (IE)
Mexico (MX)
Spain (ES)
Germany (DE)
Europe (other) (EU)
Netherlands (NL)
Romania (RO)
Brazil (BR)
Malaysia (MY)
France (FR)
South Africa (ZA)
Switzerland (CH)
Belgium (BE)
Russian Federation (RU)
Norway (NO)
Egypt (EG)
Indonesia (ID)
Peru (PE)
Greece (GR)
Trinidad and Tobago (TT)
Turkey (TR)
Portugal (PT)
Bolivia (BO)
Argentina (AR)
Iceland (IS)
Poland (PL)
Singapore (SG)
Philippines (PH)
Hong Kong (HK)
Thailand (TH)
China (CN)
Colombia (CO)
Taiwan (TW)
I can hardly believe that people from all of these countries have visited our blog (many of them regularly) to keep up to date with Charlie's news. Thank you so much for coming - we get very excited as our visitor counter climbs!

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