Monday, February 02, 2009

February 2, 2009

Hi everybody - well, here we are in February. January really shot by, so at this rate it will be spring before we know it.
We had a fab weekend, and Charlie had a lovely time yesterday at his friend Thomas's party. (It's Thomas's actual birthday today, so Happy Birthday Thomas! Happy Birthday too to Charlie's Aunty Suzi who also has a birthday today!) The party yesterday was even more special because it was snowing while we were travelling, and while we were there. Only light snow showers, but snow all the same! Chas was so funny as we left the party - there was about a millimetre of snow on the floor and the roof of the car and he gasped 'Oh look - it's a winter wonderland!' - I think there will be much excitement if we get a bit more snow!
The forecast today is for snow showers/snow all day but at the moment it's just very light and fine, and isn't settling anywhere. It is freezing cold though, so I hope Charlie will be warm enough at school. We've been warned by the school that if it starts snowing heavily they'll be sending all the children home early - it does make me laugh - you get feet of snow in some countries and everyone just carries on, but here, we get the threat of half an inch and everything closes down!
There's not much other news today - it's a day for staying close to home with a mug of hot coffee! You'll be the first to know if Charlie's wish for snow is granted!

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Jennifer said...

I visited today so that you could get your little red dot from my part of the world Charlie. I hope that your maps get filled up once again with Red!