Monday, February 02, 2009

Snow? What snow?

Well, today it was Charlie's turn to bring home Bernard, the class teddy bear. The kids have to write a story about what they did with Bernard, and put a photo or draw a picture of themselves with him.
Charlie decided that a picture of himself and Bernard enjoying the snow would be good... and this is it! If you click on the pic to enlarge it and then look REALLY hard, you can probably see the teeny-tiny flakes fluttering down around Chas and Bernard! The meagre scattering of white stuff on the mud at Charlie's feet really is it!
What a let down! However, it's snowing again now (still only a little bit) but it's supposed to be snowing all night, and it's FREEZING cold so whatever does fall isn't going to melt... so fingers crossed we might wake up to a white landscape tomorrow morning! Charlie is determined to get a snow day off school! Watch this space!

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