Thursday, February 05, 2009

February 5, 2009

Hi everyone. Hope you're all staying warm in the cold weather! The snow we had on Tuesday was just about gone by Wednesday morning, but Charlie was still feeling pretty rotten, so he stayed home yesterday, even though school was open again.
However, we had some more snow last night - not as much as on Tuesday - but enough for them to close the school this morning.
There isn't enough to go sledging in and it's a bit cold and damp, but Pete and Charlie went into the back garden for a little while to try to build another snowman. The one they made on Tuesday was a pretty poor specimen, but then someone kicked it over anyway, which Charlie was a bit miffed about.
The snow was a bit wetter today, so stuck together a bit better... and although it used up virtually all the snow in the back garden, they finally had some success on the snowman front!! It's just started snowing again, quite heavily - don't you just wish it was still Christmas?!
PS Pete didn't go up to Halifax after all, so we've had him home with us all week which has been nice! Good thing too - he'd probably have got stuck up there! It'll be a shock to the system when he goes back next week!

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