Monday, February 09, 2009

February 9, 2009

***UPDATED*** We just got back from the doctor, and so far Charlie doesn't have an ear infection - thank goodness! But according to the GP, the tubes in his ears are full of fluid and snot which is making him feel rotten, and is then trickling down his throat when he's asleep (sorry - too much information?) and making him sick. So he's definitely off school today and tomorrow, and we'll see how he is by Wednesday. So he's going to be having LOTS of pillows in bed tonight to keep him more upright, and hopefully stop him being sick... because I'm running out of washing powder.

Hi everyone. Charlie's still not too well - he was fine over the weekend, so I thought he'd be going back to school today, but unfortunately he was sick again last night and has been complaining of pain in his ears, so I'm thinking he's probably got an ear infection.
In himself he's fine - he's pottering around quite happily, playing with his toys, but he's still looking pretty pale. He's not blue though, so no heart concerns - just the usual bog-standard, annoying bug of some kind.
I've made an appointment to take him to the GP this morning to find out if there is anything nasty going on in his ears - half of me is hoping it isn't an ear infection though, because that will probably mean antibiotics, and Charlie and antibiotics don't go well together - they nearly always make him sick the second they hit his throat!
Will keep you posted!

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