Monday, February 16, 2009

February 16, 2009 - Day at the Farm

Hi everyone - Charlie and I had a wonderful day at the farm today. The weather was perfect (I even ended up a bit sunburned - I didn't think of sunscreen mid-February!)

Charlie loved every minute, and was really taken with all the animals. He really enjoyed feeding them all, and even managed to get the chance to feed the baby lambs with a bottle.

He had proper farm sausages for his lunch, and was very pleased when the lady behind the counter told him that the sausages were made from pigs reared on the farm. (Although I did my best to tell him how sausages are made... without putting him off his lunch... I think he's come away from the farm with the impression that pigs 'lay' sausages, like hens lay eggs! Ah well - that's a lesson for another day!)

We had a tractor ride and saw so many different animals, and Charlie was trying to work out which jobs on the farm he might be able to do when he's grown up. His Grandpa worked on a pig farm when he was a lad (maybe I should get him to explain the whole sausage thing?) so Chas had fun watching the farmhands doing some of the jobs that Grandpa did many years ago. He's already decided that next time he goes to the farm, he's taking Grandpa with him!

Enjoy the pictures!

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Sifted said...

Hi, from Houston,TX the home of Witt! I am Witt's grandmother, Karen. First, I want you to know that I am praying for Charlie and your entire family! I wanted to let you know that the cardiologists are not convinced that it is the enalapril but it is listed aa a possible less severe side effect. They said they have seen it in adults but not babies. My thought is: a baby and most likely a toddler will not be able to voice that they just don't feel hungry. I also don't understand why it could take place in an adult and not a baby..maybe the dosage but its all relative to weight! What I can tell you is that when Witt was off the medicine for 24 hours he ate just fine and now that he has been back on it he is not eating as well! I am so excited that you found us and now I have you too to follow and pray for! Here is my email if you ever just want to email