Wednesday, March 18, 2009

March 18, 2009

Hi everybody. Just a quick update to let you know what's going on with us.
My dad had his CT scan on Monday, and was admitted to the hospital that afternoon, for the planned removal of his lymph nodes the next day. However, when the doctors did their evening rounds, they had the results of the CT scans taken in the morning.
It turns out that there are suspicious 'spots' on Dad's liver, and on both his hips. Although it hasn't been absolutely confirmed yet, the doctors are pretty certain that the cancer has spread.
He's been called in for a bone scan next Monday, and is waiting to hear on a date for an ultrasound of his liver too.
The operation to remove his lymph nodes has been postponed, because if dad needs chemo after the scans next week, the chemo drugs would prevent a surgical wound from healing.
As far as I know at present, the plan is to treat the spots on his liver and hips - presumably with chemo/radiotherapy - and then to continue with the surgery after the other treatment is finished.
Obviously this isn't the result we'd hoped for. However, it's looking like the doctors have caught it early, which is a good thing.
Mum and Dad are being amazing - now the initial shock has worn off, they are being really positive. I'm very proud of them both.
Another good thing is that, because the surgery has been postponed, it means Dad won't be in hospital for their Golden Wedding Anniversary - so our planned party is back on! We're all looking forward to it - particularly Mum and Dad - watch out for some photos after the weekend!
I'm also really pleased to report that their offer was accepted on their new house, so all being well, they should be moving in around six weeks or so. They are both thrilled with their new house and are looking forward to being in and settled.
It goes without saying that we'd really appreciate your thoughts and prayers over the next few weeks and months.
As for our Charlie Barley - he's much better. It turns out that the horrible headache/high fever bug was rampant throughout the school last week and most kids who had it were off all week. This is actually quite good, in a way, because it means that Charlie didn't take any longer to recover from it than anyone else!
I've been out with him and his classmates today, on another school trip - this time to St Fagan's - the museum of Welsh life. They all had a lovely day in the spring sunshine, and I was very pleased that none of them batted an eyelid when they saw him in his buggy again. Several of them were asking me really intelligent questions about Charlie and his heart, and they were all keen to push him in his buggy. It was so lovely to hear little four- and five-year olds looking out for him... 'Don't run too fast Charlie - you'll get puffed out!' 'Do you want to go in your buggy til you get your breath back Charlie? I can push you if you like.'
Even when the children were put into pairs to walk along hand in hand in a crocodile, Charlie's partner came and stood next to the buggy, and walked alongside, holding Charlie's hand as we went. I'm so glad he's got such a lovely little group of friends.
Not much more news for now - apart from Charlie's told me he needs to take some money to take to school tomorrow so he can buy me something from the 'Mother's Day Shop' at school. So he's raided his money box, and has a couple of pounds in his school bag for the morning! I can't remember if I mentioned before, but the school ran a similar Christmas shop, so the kids could choose surprise presents, completely on their own, for their family. Chas came out with really gorgeous presents for Pete and me, Nanny and Grandpa, and even a little Father Christmas to put on Will's grave! He wrapped them up by himself and kept the secret of what he'd bought until we opened them on Christmas Day! He really is such a thoughtful little fellow, and I can't wait to see what he's picked for me on Sunday morning!

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