Sunday, March 22, 2009

March 22, 2009

Hi everybody, and Happy Mother's Day to all you mums out there!
We've had a really lovely weekend - Mum and Dad's Golden Wedding Anniversary party yesterday went brilliantly - everybody had a wonderful time, especially Mum and Dad! The hotel was lovely, and the food was terrific (Charlie's discovered a liking for smoked mackerel with dill sauce!) I took LOADS of photos, so I'll knock together a little slide show when I get five minutes tomorrow. It was nice to get some pictures of all four of us kids with Mum and Dad, and with all the grandkids too - it's not often we're all together long enough for a photoshoot!
Today has been a really nice Mother's Day too - Charlie really spoilt me - I had loads of pressies, including a little ceramic frog to go in the garden, a mug, some flowers, a cuddly rabbit (who has miraculously found his way into Charlie's bed tonight!) and a very funky purple metal pig! We had lunch at the garden centre - I'm attaching a pic of Chas during lunch (he's looking so grown up and handsome these days!), and then headed over to Nanny and Grandpa's again to deliver Mother's Day presents, and to catch up with my aunt and uncle (Dad's youngest brother... can't remember if I've said before, but Dad is the eldest of nine, so there are quite a few aunts and uncles flying around!) who had come to visit.
It was a lovely afternoon all round - as always, Charlie was thrilled to bits to see Nanny and Grandpa, and he spent a happy hour in the sun in their back garden playing on their bike and pedal tractor! (He's very relieved that they're taking those toys with them to their new house!)
We're hoping to make another visit to their new house later this week, to do a bit of measuring to work out what furniture will fit, and what won't!
Also, Dad will be having his bone scan tomorrow. The appointment for the liver ultrasound is on the 31st, so another week to wait for that. We're not quite sure what the bone scan entails - he has to have an injection in the morning, and then go for the scan three hours later. At least once the doctors have all the information, they can get on with devising the best plan of action for treatment. As always, we'd appreciate your thoughts and prayers.
Charlie's very excited, because tomorrow he's off to his friend Sam's house for tea! I posted a few weeks ago about how Sam came to us for his first ever solo tea visit, and now Charlie's making a return trip. It's so lovely to see how excited he is - I remember loving going to my friends' houses for tea when I was little! (Although I've been warning Charlie that he needs to eat his tea with no messing about or he won't be invited again!) I'm picking both boys up from school and dropping them off at Sam's house - Sam usually walks to school with his mum, but it's a bit far for Charlie to go without his buggy, so it works out much easier if I pick them up (because I can park in the carpark with Charlie's blue badge!) and then drop them off. Charlie keeps checking that I'm just going to drop him off, and won't be staying for coffee and a chat!... I know where I'm not wanted!
Hope you like the picture of cheeky Charlie - keep your eyes open for the anniversary slideshow coming up soon!

PS - I meant to say - Charlie's blog has smashed through the 7,000 visitor mark - we're up to 7,100-odd now! We're still picking up new friends every day, so please do feel free to leave Charlie a message - he loves hearing from you!

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