Monday, March 30, 2009

March 30, 2009

Good evening! It's been a nice day today - this morning I went to visit my friend Kelly, who just had a new baby daughter, so I was able to sit and get some serious baby cuddling done! It always amazes me how tiny newborns are - in my mind, Charlie was always a big chunky baby (admittedly he was almost a pound heavier than this new little one when he was born) but I still don't remember him ever being so teeny-tiny! It's also mad to think that when Chas was the same age as Baby Jasmine was today (three days) he was already one day post-major open heart surgery. Looking back, and looking at the tiny baby in my arms today... I really don't know how we ever handed him over. It's amazing what you can do when you have to. I didn't even cry... at least not until they came and told us that the surgery was over and Charlie was safely back on ICU.
Nanny and Grandpa came over today and treated me to lunch while Pete was working (bad luck, Pete!), and then they stayed at our house while Pete and I went to collect Charlie from school and speak to his teacher for parents' evening. We were over the moon with everything she had to say - Charlie received another glowing report, and is doing really well at everything. It was wonderful to hear that we have 'an exceptionally bright, mature and confident little boy, who does not let his heart stop him from doing anything'. We really couldn't ask for more. Well done, Chas! (Sorry - proud parent bit over... until next time!)
We didn't tell Charlie that Nanny and Grandpa were waiting at home, so he was thrilled to bits to find them here when he burst through the front door. He spent a really happy couple of hours playing shop with them, showing them his latest drawings, and teaching Grandpa how to play Cars on the Wii.
After they left, we went to a local restaurant for tea to celebrate Charlie's good report (any excuse for eating out!!) and Chas ate his dinner brilliantly... which was the perfect end to a really nice day.
Dad is off to the hospital tomorrow for his abdominal ultrasound, so we will be waiting on the results when that is done. I know he and Mum appreciate your thoughts and prayers. Things are still ticking along slowly with their house move. It's all going in the right direction, but we're just wishing that it would tick along a bit faster.
I can't believe the Easter holidays start on Friday - I'm really looking forward to having Charlie home for a fortnight - we've got lots of fun things planned!
Back soon - will try to rustle up a new pic or two to make things look a bit more interesting!
PS Don't forget you can sponsor me here for my Race for Life! (I'm not going to stop going on about this until June, so you'd better get used to me shamelessly begging for sponsorship!)

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