Saturday, March 28, 2009

March 28, 2009

Hi everyone - not much to report really. Charlie is on good form and had his 'Routine Growth Assessment' at school on Friday. Apparently his height and weight are perfect for his age, and his eyesight is perfect too - all of which we already knew, but it's nice to see it in black and white! (It's also pretty gratifying to know that, in spite of his lack of interest in food generally, his weight is right up there with children of the same age WITHOUT HLHS!)
He's also come home with a request from school to make an Easter hat/headband for next Friday... oh joy. Here we go again... you all know how much I love being creative (not). Making cakes - yes; any and all other sundry crafty things - no. So we shall see what delightful concoction Charlie and I come up with between us!
Also, it's parents' evening on Monday, so Pete and I are waiting with bated breath to hear what Charlie's teacher has to say about him this time!
Dad has his abdominal ultrasound on Tuesday, so hopefully we will have some idea of what the plan is, once the results of that and the bone scan are both in. Their house move is coming along nicely, so hopefully it won't be too long before they can be settled in their new home.
That's about it really - other than to say a big thank you to everyone who has sponsored me so far for my Race for Life. I can't believe I've hit my £100 target already - so I've upped it a bit! Am also pleased to report that I spent a happy (and bargain-filled) afternoon yesterday buying my running gear (I haven't owned a pair of trainers for more years than I care to remember). Fortunately, I'm the possessor of fairly little feet, so I managed to pick up a fab pair of children's Nike running shoes for a third of the price of an adult-sized pair! Consequently, having worn them in all day yesterday, I began my training programme (doesn't that sound good!) this afternoon, and was quite pleasantly surprised. I ran for 30 minutes and was neither scarlet in the face nor gasping for breath when I finished! Obviously there's still a LOOOOONG way to go, but it was a promising start. (Although I think I'll probably be aching in muscles I didn't know I had tomorrow!)
If you'd like to sponsor me (please!) you can click here to go straight to my fundraising page, or you can click on the widget in the sidebar. Thanks again.
Back soon with more news (assuming I can actually get out of bed tomorrow!)

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