Sunday, March 08, 2009

March 8, 2009

Hello. This is just another quick post, but firstly, thank you to everyone for their messages of support for my dad via phone, text, comments, email, post and in person. It means such a lot to know people care.
Mum and Dad are doing well - they're keeping busy by tidying the house up in preparation for moving, and are waiting to hear on a date for Dad's CT scan. The waiting's really one of the worst bits - we know this already from our experiences with Charlie.
We've had a quiet weekend - Charlie's been itching to go and visit Nanny and Grandpa, but he's been really poorly since yesterday evening. He was complaining of a headache yesterday morning, but by yesterday teatime, he had a high temperature as well and was very miserable. He really wasn't well at all and by 8pm Pete and I were dithering over whether we should take him to the out-of-hours doctor, or even to A&E because his temperature was staying high and he was breathing pretty quickly.
Fortunately though, we managed to get his temperature down by stripping him off, giving him paracetamol and digging out a fan to cool him down, so we were happier to keep him at home and monitor how he got on.
Pete slept in the spare room, and Charlie stayed in bed with me so I could keep an eye on him. He slept ok, albeit a bit restlessly.
He's been feeling pretty rotten again today, although better than yesterday. His head's been aching again, he's still been spiking temperatures a bit and he slept for an hour this afternoon, which is virtually unheard of for Charlie. But he's been playing on the computer and watching TV when he's been feeling ok, and has been eating reasonably well, plus he's nice and pink - not blue.
Hopefully he'll be even better again tomorrow, and we've turned the corner, otherwise I'll have to take him to the GP. A good night's sleep is bound to help a bit. Obviously he's not going to school tomorrow... and probably not on Tuesday either - we'll see how he gets on. Will keep you posted. Get well soon, Chas!

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