Friday, April 10, 2009

April 10, 2009

Hello again!
We've had a nice couple of days - yesterday we went to the Dr Who exhibition again, which Charlie really loved. They've redone it since we went last time, and now there are even more moving, talking, light-flashing Cybermen and Daleks! Charlie had a wonderful time running around pushing buttons.
We had lunch at a nearby Chinese restaurant, and Chas ate really well (with one chopstick in each hand, stabbing all his food) - he particularly liked the prawn/chicken wontons and spring rolls. He's doing so much better with his food these days - he's still a bit slow with his eating, but he's much more keen to try new foods, which is brilliant.
We went to Marks and Spencer on the way home, and Charlie wandered round, slinging anything Easter-ish into the trolley - 'It's for when Nanny and Grandpa come, Mum!' - so I hope they're hungry on Sunday, because we're really heading for Easter goody overload.
We've had a leisurely day today (although I ran without stopping for 25 minutes of my 30 minute training session this morning, so I am feeling very smug now!) - Chas announced that he fancied McDonald's for lunch (or Mack 'n' Donald's as he calls it! Part of me thinks I should correct him, but the other half of me just wants to make the most of all his little speech quirks before he grows out of them!) So we grabbed him a drive thru Happy Meal, Pete and I grabbed sandwich from Subway, and then we went to the garden centre. Charlie chose a lovely Easter plant arrangement for us to take to the churchyard for Will this weekend (although according to Chas it's still lacking in the Easter egg/chick department, so he needs to 'decorate' it some more before we deliver it! Hmmmm.)
We also picked up a few new plants for the tub outside our front door - the ones in it were totally dessicated (yes, again) so it's now looking lovely and green with bright yellow flowers - for the time being, at least.
Charlie should be in bed now, but he's currently glued to a DVD called The Planets. It's a documentary all about space, the planets, black holes etc etc. It's a bit grown up for him, but he's loving it!
He was drawing a picture the other day, with a rocket, a black hole, a blue and green planet, which he told me was Earth, one with rings round, which he said was Saturn, and a red one which he said was Mars.
I was pretty proud of how well he'd done, and asked him about a bright green knobbly planet and and a blue and yellow squiggly one on the other side of his picture. Pointing at the green one, he announced 'This one's Skaro - where the Daleks come from, and that blue and yellow one is Gallifrey, where Dr Who comes from!' What can you say to that?!
We're off to the cinema tomorrow, to watch Monsters vs Aliens 3D - cue some silly photos in the 3D glasses, I think!

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