Tuesday, April 07, 2009

April 7, 2009

Hi again - first and foremost, Dad's appointment with the oncologist went pretty well. The doctors are planning to start him on chemotherapy (a drug called dacarbazine, which is specifically for treating melanoma cancer which has spread.) The course of chemo will run for six months, and he will only have to go to hospital one day every three weeks. This is good, because we were envisaging him having to go in much more often.
The doctor said he may or may not get some side effects, and said it's unlikely he'll lose his hair, which is nice - albeit not really important in the grand scheme of things. As Dad said - it's about the best news they could have been given under the circumstances (short of them telling him that there had been a huge mistake and he didn't have cancer after all!)
I think it's a relief for all of us to know what the plan will be going forward. They also feel they can start really looking forward to moving into their new home now! Thanks for all your thoughts and prayers - it is much appreciated. I'll keep you posted with how Dad gets on, of course.
Charlie is tons better today, full of the joys of spring. We had another leisurely day today, and then went up to the Wacky Warehouse (local softplay place) this afternoon. For most of the time Chas had the place to himself, which he thought was very funny!
Not much more news really - Pete was hoping to take tomorrow off work, but things have been very hectic, so he'll have to work. So Charlie and I will probably head out for some fun! All being well, Pete will be able to take Thursday off, and maybe a half day or two next week as well.
That's about it for now - now we know Dad (and Mum) will be ok to come for Easter Dinner on Sunday, Charlie and I are planning a trip to M&S to buy lots of tasty Easter goodies!
Bye for now!
PS I've hit my target again on my Race for Life fundraising page, so I think I'll up it a bit more! I can't believe how generous everyone is being. Thank you, thank you, thank you. (And if you haven't sponsored me yet, you can do so by clicking here, if you want!)

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