Sunday, April 05, 2009

April 5, 2009

Busy day today - the sun has been shining, so we attacked the garden with a vengeance. When I say we aren't the green-fingered type, I mean it. The bushes along our back fence have overgrown widthways at least six feet, so our garden has been shrinking month by month.
So Pete borrowed our neighbour's electric hedge trimmer and dug out our loppers and started hacking. (His favourite kind of gardening is the destructive kind!)
Charlie was a bit peeved because we wouldn't let him at the secateurs, but he did a great job raking, sweeping and then washing/refilling Will's bird-bath, which we uncovered half way through the afternoon!
We have two wheelie bins for garden rubbish, but even after we filled them both to the top, Pete still had to take two entire car-loads to the tip. (And he has a pretty big 7-seater MPV!)
So the garden is looking quite a bit bigger, if a bit sparse! It's certainly a work in progress!
I'm running again tomorrow - I've been running every other day for a week or so, and it's going pretty well, if I do say so myself. (Don't forget - you can always sponsor me here for my Race for Life, if you want to!!) While I certainly wouldn't say I've got the running bug, I do quite like the smug self-satisfied feeling I get when I've finished my training!
The Easter holidays proper start tomorrow, and Pete's off to Halifax at 4.30am, so Charlie and I have a couple of days to ourselves. I LOVE having him home from school - I miss him so much when he's away. We used to be out and about all the time while he was at playschool, doing fun things but now he's at school, our time is more limited. So although I don't know exactly what we'll be doing the next few days, it's a dead cert that fun will be on the menu! Charlie would like to see the new Monsters vs Aliens film, plus revisit the newly-revamped Dr Who exhibition. He's also very into space and astronomy at the moment, and is itching to visit the planetarium, so maybe we'll fit that in too! He's also very keen to have a 'pyjama day' sometime this fortnight... oh, go on then, Chas - if I must! I'll quite happily sit around in my PJs drinking coffee all day - just so long as we don't get any unexpected visitors!
All being well, Pete should be off work from Wednesday until after Easter, so we might even get away for a few days, which would be nice.
Things are moving along with mum and dad's house move - I've been ebaying all the things they need to get rid of! And we're still waiting to hear from the hospital about Dad's appointment with the oncologist.
Charlie's very excited because he's invited Nanny and Grandpa over for Easter lunch next Sunday, so (assuming Dad's not in the middle of treatment, which is looking unlikely at the moment) we'll be having a lovely Easter dinner all together. Now I just have to decide what dessert to make!
Anyway - better fly for now, it's late, and like I said, Pete's got an early start tomorrow! Back soon with some photos and updates of what Charlie's got up to this coming week!

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