Monday, April 06, 2009

April 6, 2009

Well - our planned week of fun is temporarily on hold, as Charlie's had an iffy tummy all day, and although he's feeling absolutely fine in himself, I don't fancy taking him too far from a toilet!
We've had a nice lazy day anyway, playing with his games, having car races, reading stories, drawing, watching tv and playing on the computer.
He's eating fine and drinking plenty, and he's not in any pain at all, so I'm not going to start starving him, unless he's still not right tomorrow. He's only just about regained the weight he lost when he was so poorly a few weeks ago, so I'm hoping it's not going to be back to square one on that score!
Back soon - hopefully with some better news!
PS Dad heard from the hospital - he has his first appointment with the oncologist tomorrow. While it's going to be good to know exactly what the plan is, it's still a very worrying time for him and mum. I know they appreciate your thoughts and prayers.

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Donna said...

I am sorry that Charlie is not feeling so good!!! Hope he feels a little better today. I found your two Beautiful sons pages whilst on the LHM site. Your story on Wills page is so heart rendering and he is so very beautiful. Charlie is so handsome also. My little boy Jack died after his first surgery for HLHS he would have been 10 in June, can't quite believe it is 10 yrs!!!! Hope Charlie feels better soon and my thoughts and prayers are with you all and your Mum & Dad

Lots & Lots of love

Donna Cornock