Saturday, April 11, 2009


I love this picture.
We took Will's Easter flowers up to the churchyard this evening, and Charlie asked me to take a picture of him with Will's stone while we were there.
I didn't ask him to pose for this photo - he wanted me to take it. Even though he never met Will, the connection between Charlie and his brother is most definitely there. Will is as real to Charlie as I am, or as his beloved Grandpa is.
He loves visiting the churchyard to 'see' his big brother, and it truly warms my heart to hear Charlie talk about Will in our daily life so comfortably, so 'normally' and with such love.
He loves taking flowers for Will, and he put some Easter chicks and eggs on the flower arrangement, as well as writing his own message on the card.
Charlie knows that Will doesn't 'live' at the churchyard - he understands that Will is in Heaven, and that he has a whole new, perfect body up there. He knows that the body Will left behind is at the churchyard, and that Will's headstone is just his special place for us to go to while we're here.

I so wish I could take a picture of both of our sons opening their Easter eggs tomorrow. More than anything I would love to wrap my arms around the chocolate-smeared pair of them - but this is the closest I can get, and it is equally, if not more precious.

Happy Easter, everybody.

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