Saturday, May 09, 2009

Be afraid... be VERY afraid!


'You will be deleted!'

Here's Chas in his rather fabulous Dr Who Cyberman costume, before his friend Ben's party today. He's very pleased with his outfit (especially when paired with his suitably clunky moon boots!) and would quite like to keep it on all the time!
I know quite a few of Charlie's visitors come from the US, and I'm not sure if Dr Who has made it across the Atlantic, so here's a little snippet of Charlie's two favourite characters - the Daleks and the Cybermen - just to whet your appetite! We've only very recently allowed him to watch a couple of carefully-selected episodes (both of which Pete and I vetted beforehand to make sure they weren't too scary), so I have no idea why he developed such a liking for these characters before ever seeing the programme!

Charlie was out in the garden earlier with Nanny and Grandpa, playing on his swing in his Cyberman costume, of course, but without the mask. It's been a beautiful sunny day, and as the sun was shining on him, his costume was reflecting and he looked like some sort of angelic other-worldly being! (Mind you, that illusion was swiftly dispelled by his mischievous chuckle and the fact that he kept 'deleting' poor Grandpa!)
Talking of Nanny and Grandpa, they still haven't moved, but are now aiming for May 19 to move into their new house. We're hoping there won't be any more delays, because they've already packed everything, and are living out of boxes!
As far as Charlie's possible Slapped Cheek Disease is concerned, so far it looks like it's just a cold - he's still got a runny nose and looks a bit wishy-washy, but he's been fine in himself. Will have to keep my eyes open for rosy cheeks over the next few days. (But as I said to someone yesterday, it's quite a nice change to be watching out for Chas going pink rather than blue!)
He has another school trip coming up in a week or so - we're off to the zoo in Bristol, which should be fun. I imagine I'll be going along again on 'buggy duty', so let's hope it's a sunny day!
Here's another funky Cyberman picture for your delight and delectation... don't you just love what you can do in Photobucket! Here's Charlie the Cyberman... pop art style!! (I think I should print this one out for my wall!)


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