Wednesday, May 13, 2009

May 13, 2009

Hi everybody - I haven't really got much news to post, but it feels like it's been a few days, so here I am!
I've had a rotten flu-type bug (am hoping it's not swine flu - that'd be just my luck, getting swine flu without the benefit of a sunny Mexican holiday beforehand!) so my running training has gone off the rails a bit for the last few days. However, I think the running bug has certainly got me (along with the flu) because I'm sitting curled up on the sofa, running a fever and feeling miserable because I want to be running! How mad is that!
Charlie's fine - I'm hoping that I've got an extended version of the bug he had last week, and that he won't get this after I'm finished with it.
He's having a week of tests at school this week - I'm not sure what they're expecting to find out from them, but he seems to be enjoying himself immensely! He's been coming home with 'Well Done' stickers on his jumper every day this week, so it bodes well for his next report!
Mum and Dad still haven't moved house - another delay in the pipeline, but it's now looking fairly certain to be on May 22, so we're hoping that everything goes to plan then (or they'll both be going round the bend!) Dad also saw the oncologist again yesterday. The lump under Dad's arm hasn't changed or grown (which is good!) and everything else seems to be holding fairly steady at the moment (which is also good!). The consultant basically said that it wouldn't be ideal for them to start Dad's chemo until he's settled in the new house, although they are keen to start treatment fairly soon. So, to cut a long story short, he's given Dad another four weeks' grace before he starts his treatment - he goes back on June 9 to find out what happens next. He and Mum are greatly relieved to know that (all being well!) they'll have had a couple of weeks to settle into their new home before chemo starts.
It is strange to think about Dad being ill - he's never really been an 'ill' sort of person. I don't remember him being ill at all over my whole life - not even with minor things like colds or tummy bugs - apart from the last couple of years when he's had the brain haemorrhage and now the cancer. In fact, before he retired, he worked for Unilever for 48 years without even one day off sick. That's a pretty impressive record. I know chemo is never a walk in the park, but I think Dad will find it especially difficult because the whole fatigue/nausea/vomiting/fever thing is completely unknown to him. He's made of strong stuff though, and if mind over matter can have any effect on the symptoms at all, he'll be ok.
Not much more news really. Pete's in London this week, instead of Halifax, and he has a reception at the House of Commons with Little Hearts Matter tomorrow night. All sounds very glamorous!
I'm going to tidy up, and then I think I'll go to bed! Maybe an early night will get rid of the last of this flu bug, so I can get running again tomorrow!

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