Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Contracts exchanged!!!

Am so relieved to tell you that Mum and Dad exchanged contracts today, so they are DEFINITELY moving on Friday! Hurrah! They are both much relieved that it is now definitely happening, and are now running around sorting out all the things they haven't been able to do until they had a definite date, like redirect their mail, sort out the phone connection and tell all the utilities companies that they're moving.
Now we're just hoping that this awful rainy weather lets up a bit, so all their stuff doesn't get soaked during the move.
Dad is doing ok, although he is getting progressively more pain in his legs and back. His GP has given him some stronger painkillers so he'll be able to get through the move ok, before he goes back to the hospital next month.
This is a tough time for my folks, and I know they appreciate your thoughts and prayers.
I ran another 5km this morning - my Race for Life is fast approaching now! Scary thought! Thanks again to everyone who has sponsored me so far. I've hit my target (again!) but you can still sponsor me if you'd like to, by clicking here.
Am off to Charlie's school this afternoon for the regular Book Fair - at which parents get guilt-tripped into buying books at over-inflated prices to raise funds for the school. It's supposed to encourage parents to read with their kids, but Charlie already has more books than you can shake a stick at, and loves reading them! Oh well - I suppose it almost counts as shopping!

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The Cryer Family said...

Hi Ali! I've got a bit longer than planned before we go off on holiday...just realised the front door key for Bel-Air is still in Nottm...oops! Luckily Dad's there, and Scott's got time to drive there and pick them up in time to get the ferry still!
Hope everyhing goes OK for your Mum and Dad. It's stressful at the best of times.
Looking forwards to being blogging buddies a lot!
Helen xx