Thursday, May 21, 2009

'Toooo-morrow, tomorrow, I love ya, tomorrow!'

Apologies for the brief foray into the music from Annie, but tomorrow is the day that Nanny and Grandpa are moving into their new home and Charlie is very excited at the prospect (we've been waltzing round the house all day singing 'Tomorrow!')!
I'm dropping him off at school in the morning and then heading straight over to Mum and Dad's soon-to-be 'old' house, to help finish the last few bits of packing and do the final whizz round to make sure nothing has been forgotten, and then we'll be heading over to the new house to start the job of unpacking everything again!
Pete's picking Charlie up after school and then they are coming to the new house (Charlie's coming to have another nose around and Pete's coming to set up all the digital appliances!) and hopefully we'll be organised enough for a fish and chip supper from the chip shop!
We'll be going over again on Saturday to help them get straight. I'm so glad they'll finally be in and settled, and they won't have the big stress of moving hanging over them. It means they'll be able to concentrate on Dad and his treatment instead. (Incidentally, he's feeling tons better with the new tablets the doctor gave him, which is great.)
Charlie is also really excited about tomorrow for another reason... his friend Sam is off on holiday for a few days, and Chas has been nominated honorary carer for Sam's hamster, Hammy. (Are there any hamsters around NOT called Hammy?) Chas is thrilled at the prospect, and is taking his responsibilities very seriously! (Just hoping we can keep Hammy alive until Sam gets back!) I'm anticipating that this will spark a whole new round of 'Pleeeeease can I have a pet?' questions though! We're hoping to be able to hold off on that score until after Charlie has his Fontan surgery, after which we've promised him a guinea pig or two - unless he's forgotten about having a pet by then, and would rather have a new Dr Who figure! (Much less work, and far less likely to die on us!)
Charlie breaks up for half term tomorrow, and is looking forward to his week off - Pete's working all week, but I'm hoping to take Chas back to the swimming pool again because he enjoyed it so much last time. Then after half term, he's only got a few days back at school before we're off to Anglesey. Can't wait!!
He had his class photo taken at school today (I was very pleased to hear that it was taken first thing this morning, so there's half a chance his shirt won't be hanging out and he won't have a snotty nose and messy hair!) He was also very proud to inform me that he had a second photo taken - one of the school's student council, so we'll have to buy two pictures! (I'm trying to sound like I'm cross about having to buy two photos, but in reality, I'm really proud to be able to buy a pic of my son, the school councillor!)
Not much more news just now - back soon, hopefully with a new pic or two of Charlie (rather than Aileen Quinn!)

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