Sunday, May 24, 2009

Home, Sweet Home!

It's been a very busy couple of days, but Charlie's very pleased to tell you that Nanny and Grandpa are happily settled in their lovely new house!
Bearing in mind they've been in there less than 48 hours, they are remarkably organised already! (I think their house is tidier than ours!) Pretty well everything is unpacked and in its place, and there are only about 10 small boxes left to sort through.
We were there all day Friday and yesterday, and we'll be heading back tomorrow to finish off the unpacking. Charlie's Uncle Ian brought all of Nanny and Grandpa's trees and plants from the old house in his trailer, and Charlie had a wonderful time sitting in the trailer and riding in Grandpa's wheelbarrow!
We're so pleased to see Mum and Dad settled at last, and they are both so delighted with their new home. We're just hoping they can enjoy their next couple of weeks settling into their house, and into the area before Dad heads back to hospital.
Not much other news - we've been a bit busy with the house move - but Charlie is thoroughly enjoying looking after Sam's hamster! The poor creature isn't getting much sleep because Charlie spends most of the time poking bits of cucumber through the bars of the cage, crooning 'Hammy, Hammy!' over and over again. Here's a pic of Chas and his little friend!

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