Saturday, June 13, 2009

5km, 38 minutes, £330!

Well, I know I posted about today's Race for Life from my phone, but I thought I'd put up a few more pictures, just to prove to all those lovely people who sponsored me that I really DID do the race!
The sun was out and it was REALLY hot (why did it wait until after our holidays?!) There were 7,000 women running today and the atmosphere was great.
It was quite touching to read the signs everyone was wearing on their back - some were celebrating people who have beaten cancer; others - like me - were racing for someone who is fighting this horrible disease right now. Many others were racing in memory of someone they loved, who had lost the battle.
It really hit home just how many people are affected by cancer in one way or another, and the impact it has on so many people's lives.
Although Dad is still in hospital, Mum, Pete and Charlie came along to cheer me on, and it was lovely to have them there.
The run itself went really well, in spite of the heat (I hadn't done any training in hot weather... oops.)
I was pleasantly surprised when I passed the finish line (I even had enough energy to sprint the last half kilometre or so!) to see that I'd done it in 38 minutes - knocking more than three minutes off my previous best time.
There were lots of people faster than me, but there were many more slower, so I was pretty pleased with myself!
We texted Dad a picture from the finish line, and after the race we all headed off to the hospital to see him, which was really nice.
Charlie has been desperate to see Grandpa and spent much of the afternoon curled up on the bed, hugging him!
Dad's radiotherapy treatment hasn't been too bad so far. He was pretty uncomfortable this morning (the doctor warned that he might feel a bit worse before he starts feeling a bit better) but was feeling much better by this afternoon. He's been able to walk to the bathroom (with a walking frame for support) and there is still talk of him maybe being discharged on Monday.
We're still hoping that he'll be home in time for his birthday on Thursday.
Thanks again to EVERYONE who sponsored me for my Race for Life. Even though the race is run, my 'JustGiving' fundraising page will remain active for a few more weeks, so if anyone would like to donate to Cancer Research, you can still do so here. Thank you again everybody - I'm really grateful to you all, and Dad was thrilled to bits to hear how much has been raised.
Not much more news just now - I think I'm going to have an early night!!

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Wendy, Yonder in the USA said...

I love to hear all of Charlie's success. My nursing school friend is Ethan's mom and I learned of your little guys triumphs through blog hopping.

Personally I think 38 is a phenomenal time, and to shave 3 full minutes off is incredible! The heat is a true shocker to the system. I did a triathlon sprint that finishes with a 5km in May and was completely thrown by 95 degree temps! Wendy