Monday, June 15, 2009

June 15, 2009

Hi folks - just a quick update to let you know that Dad is back home again! The hospital discharged him around lunchtime and provided him with transport to bring him home... which meant Mum and I had time to mow the lawns, plus we didn't have to fight to find a parking space at the hospital!
Dad's still in a fair bit of pain, but it's more manageable now - he's come home with a walking frame and lots of medication, but he's just glad to be home! He has an appointment at the hospital again next Tuesday, which we think is to make plans for his chemo treatment. Here's hoping he can stay pain-free for the next week and really enjoy his birthday and Father's Day.
Not much other news - the weather's still nice and warm, so Charlie went off to school in his shorts again today! He really does look so smart in them! He's come home today with the lines he needs to learn for his class end-of-term presentation, and he's just about got them learned already. Cue yet another Kleenex moment, methinks! I still can't believe we'll most likely get him right through his reception year without his Fontan surgery. He really is a little miracle! Go Charlie!

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