Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Archie (UPDATED)

Charlie's heart friend Archie had his Fontan surgery yesterday. His heart isn't quite the same as Charlie's - he has right-sided issues, instead of left - but the surgery he had yesterday is much the same as Chas will have.
Archie is almost exactly a year younger than Charlie. He was in theatre, I believe, for more than twelve hours, and came out on ECMO (similar to a bypass machine - click here for more info) because his blood pressure was almost non-existent and he was really struggling.
He was relatively stable on ECMO last night, but still very, very poorly. Today he is having problems with excessive bleeding.
We are thinking of Archie so much, and also of his parents, Andrea and Nick. I can barely imagine what they must all be going through.
Archie's parents are asking anyone who prays, to please pray for Archie, and for anyone who doesn't, they'd really appreciate any positive vibes you could send their way.

UPDATE: The latest news on Archie is that he seems to be heading in the right direction at last - let's hope he's started on the road to recovery. According to his mum, progress is 'slow and steady'. Slow and steady sounds good to me! Hang in there, Archie!

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