Monday, June 22, 2009

Sports Day

Today was Charlie's school sports day. It was grey and overcast all morning, with more than a few spots of rain, but by the time I arrived at the school for the pre-sports day picnic, the sun was out and it was HOT! (I foolishly neglected to put any suncream on myself, so my decolletage is somewhat pink this evening!)
Charlie did so well with all the races - he joined in with everything... long jump, javelin (little foam ones, for those of you worried about the safety combination of five-year-olds and spears!) bean bag balancing, skipping (well, sort of!), space hoppers and even the running race.
He didn't win anything - in fact, he came last in most of the ones where any speed was required - but I was proud of him, and he was proud of himself, which is all that matters!
Most of the parents and kids there know about Charlie's heart, and it was so lovely to hear them cheering him on! Way to go, Charlie!!
Scroll down to see a few pics. There aren't any 'action' shots in there because I was videoing the races for Pete to see when he's back from Halifax, so I'll try to upload some video later, if I can get it to work!

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The Cryer Family said...

Well done Charlie!!
(Actually Ali I think it's a urinal - a very famous one though... we've got a postcard calendar I bought at the Tate Modern, and obviously the kids choose all the best ones to display!!)