Monday, June 01, 2009

June 1, 2009

Well, here we are into June - another month has flown by. (I know, I know - I say that every month... along with the fact that Charlie's growing like a weed!)
The weather is still wonderfully warm (although the long-term forecast says it's going to be changing the day after we go on holiday... sigh.)
Anyway, Charlie is making the most of the sun, and was delighted this morning when it was FINALLY warm enough for him to get his legs out and wear his shorts for school - I reckon he looks really lovely in them too! I was tempted to put him in knee-high socks to complete the cute 1930s schoolboy look (he was even wearing his school cap today because of the sun!) but I thought that would rather defeat the object of wearing shorts in the first place!
Here's a picture of our handsome boy - isn't it funny how a pair of smart shorts can make his normally sturdy legs look so long and skinny!

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The Cryer Family said...

Fab photo!!!
Thanks for the message - hope you have a lovely holiday...North Wales is always known for it's sunny and dry weather of course Ali - how can you talk of rain?!
Glad your Dad and Mum got moved OK - they sound pretty organised. What a relief to have that hurdle out the way. Talk soon,
Helen xx