Sunday, June 28, 2009

June 28, 2009

It's been a nice day today. We got up and went straight to the cinema to see Night at the Museum 2, which Charlie thoroughly enjoyed. It's quite nice, now he's getting bigger, to be able to go to see films which are fun for us to watch as well as him! Much as I love Disney Pixar, there's only so much Cars and Ratatouille I can take! (Although I imagine we'll be going to see Up when it comes out!)
When we came out of the cinema, one of the big robotic Transformers was visiting the cinema complex. (According to the signs, it was Titan, but that didn't mean much to me!) Charlie's doesn't know much about Transformers - either the film or the toys (Dr Who and Batman are still his big favourites!) - but he's heard about them from his friends at school, so he was quite excited to get up close and personal with a walking, talking hunk of metal! It was actually pretty scary close to, but he wasn't phased in the slightest, and followed it all the way around the complex. I've attached a couple of pics - sorry they're blurry, I took them on my phone in a hurry!
He decided he wanted Chinese food for lunch, and ate a mountain of rice, spring rolls, prawn wontons, prawn crackers, salad, samosas and sausages. (I know sausages aren't strictly Chinese food, but who's counting!) Yet again he used his chopsticks - this time by skewering his food onto one chopstick, and eating everything kebab-style!
Then we went to see Nanny and Grandpa, which was lovely. Grandpa was feeling pretty good today, so he and Charlie spent a little while playing Dr Who on the computer, and Nanny read Charlie lots of new stories. Nanny and Grandpa's new sofabed has arrived, so Chas is already trying to work out how to wangle a sleepover!
It's his big day tomorrow at school - his end-of-term presentation, and the camcorder is charged up and ready to go! Pete and I have been having an evening of nostalgia - we were trying to work out how to copy the mini camcorder DVDs onto normal DVDs, and of course got carried away watching all the footage of Charlie when he was little. It was so lovely to look back on him as he's been growing up. Time flies so quickly - I struggle to remember day-to-day life with him back then. At the time you think you'll never forget anything, but you do. Thank goodness for home video!

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