Saturday, June 27, 2009

June 27, 2009

We like the sun. Not only does it make the garden grow nicely, but Charlie stays wonderfully pink all the time, he doesn't need vests and sweaters, and his beautiful hair gets even blonder. Let's hope it stays like this. They're promising 30-degree temperatures for this coming week, and we can't wait! Maybe we'll even break out the paddling pool.
Charlie went to his friend Fiona's birthday party this afternoon. Fifi lives behind us, and she and Chas spend many happy hours chatting over the fence to each other - he, perched on a garden chair, and she, balanced precariously on top of their monkey bars. Needless to say he had a fabulous time at her party, and has had me make a note of some of the games he'd like to replicate at his birthday party. Yes, I know it's only June, but Charlie's already planning guest lists, cake choices and games to play when it's his birthday. (For the record, he wants another Dalek cake this year - 'But I think I'd like the Supreme Dalek this time, Mum. You know, the red one with three horns.' I have suggested that the Tardis might be a nice change - plus, it's a nice easy rectangular shape - but no, at the moment, a Dalek is the only thing that does it for him!)
Charlie's little friend Archie, who I mentioned a few posts ago, is making slow but steady progress. It is still a case of two steps forward and one back, but he's heading in the right direction. He is still on ICU, and he and his parents have had a very tough week. We're all hoping that he'll make some big strides on the road to recovery next week.
Also, my Dad will be starting his chemotherapy on Wednesday. While it is good to be doing something to attack the cancer at last, it is also somewhat daunting to face what is ahead. We all hope that the chemo works well, and that Dad isn't too badly affected by the side effects, which can be pretty grim sometimes.
That's about it for now - we're hoping to head to the cinema tomorrow to watch 'Night at the Museum 2'. We taped the first one off the TV recently, and Charlie really enjoyed it, so we figure that now is a good time for another session of popcorn, frozen ice drinks and fun! Actually, Pete and I were rather hoping to find time to watch Angels and Demons (without Chas, of course!), but that's gone rather by the by at the moment... we'll have to wait until it comes out on DVD! I have a sneaking feeling that the new Harry Potter film will have to wait as well!
Am attaching a couple of random pics, just to brighten this post up! The one at the top is Chas at school with one of the class chicks - a local farmer brought in a dozen eggs in an incubator, and the kids were able to watch them hatch. (I don't remember doing anything so interesting when I was at school!) Needless to say, chicks have now been added to the vast list of animals Charlie would like to keep as pets.
The other pic below is just one of me and my lovely boy. What would I do without him?!

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The Cryer Family said...

What a gorgeous picture Ali!! Glad to hear everything.
Can't believe 'Cars' isn't your favourite ever film though...