Friday, July 03, 2009

8,000 hits!

WooHoo! Charlie's blog has now had more than 8,000 hits, (and that's only since I actually thought to put the visitor counter on here!) which I think is pretty impressive! I think maybe we'll have a party when we reach 10,000!
We had a fabulous time at the beach today - the weather was perfect, and the kids had a ball - playing, racing, paddling, building sandcastles and eating their sandy sandwiches! Here's a pic of Charlie with some of his friends - mid hole-digging!
Dad is still feeling 'not bad at all' (in his words!) after his chemo. He's been a tiny bit nauseous, but nothing that can't be easily managed, so it really is a case of so far, so good! We're just hoping that the chemo is is waging war on his tumours!
The only other news at the moment, is about Charlie's little heart friend, Archie, who I've mentioned in the past few posts - he really has taken a big step backwards - he has infections in his lungs, and trying to breathe was really exhausting him, so the doctors have put him back on the ventilator. The hope is that a few days resting on the vent will let him recover enough to recommence battle once they wake him up again! Keep fighting Archie!
That's about it for now - I'm going to hose all the sand off Charlie!

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Greg and Heidi said...

Charlie looks great! Glad you got some beach time. Hope the chemo is working miracles on Dad. You are an amazing family. All will be well. Thanks for all your support. Ethan is getting a little stronger everyday!